Biya orders Internet restoration in restive region
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Biya orders Internet restoration in restive region

Posted NDI EUGENE NDI in Yaoundé

on  Thursday, April 20  2017 at  20:34

President Paul Biya has instructed Cameroon’s Posts and Telecoms minister to restore Internet service in the two English speaking regions.

The instructions come about 100 days after the service was shut down for allegedly being used by activists to foment unrest.

Cameroon's English speaking Northwest and Southwest have witnessed protracted unrest over alleged marginalisation by the Francophone Yaoundé government.

The United Nations recently urged Cameroon to release all detainees of the Anglophone protests to unlock the unrest that has paralysed the English speaking part of the nation for over six months now.

The UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Central Africa, Mr Francois Lonseny Fall, said he met with all the detainees, the striking lawyers and teachers, the civil society groups, politicians and government officials.

Mr Fall also said the Internet shutdown in the two English speaking regions was a violation of citizens’ right to the freedom to access information.