Cameroonian singer Anne Marie Nzie dies at 84
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Cameroonian singer Anne Marie Nzie dies at 84


on  Wednesday, May 25  2016 at  09:56

Legendary Cameroonian singer Anne Marie Nzie has died at the age of 84.

The veteran musician nicknamed "Queen of Cameroonian Music", "Queen Mother of Cameroonian Music", and "Queen Mother of Bikutsi" was an ardent supporter of Cameroon’s long-serving president and her age mate, Paul Biya.

She dedicated the song Liberté to President Paul Biya and his Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM) political party.

Opposition party

Ms Nzie openly protested after the leading opposition party in the country, the Social Democratic Front (SDF), used the song during Mr John Fru Ndi's presidential campaign in 1992.

The singer was confirmed dead Tuesday after remaining in a critical state at the intensive care unit of the Yaoundé Central Hospital since May 9.

She was one of two oldest Cameroonian musicians still active.

Born in Lolodorf in the South Region of Cameroon, Ms Nzie began performing Bikutsi, the music native to her home in central Cameroon, in the 1940s.

Rich repertoire

The Cameroonian minister of Arts and Culture, Prof Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, has described the musician’s demise as a “great loss to the country”.

The minister had earlier visited the artiste at the Yaoundé Central hospital.

Anne Marie Nzie leaves behind a rich repertoire of music.